Lifetime Tattoos
Lifetime Tattoos

Lifetime Tattoos

1410 Main Street Springfield, OR

Lifetime Tattoos

1410 Main Street Springfield, OR


Come meet our newest artists and see what changes and daily tattoo specials we have going on!

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Joshua Moore


 Joshua Moore is a local artist born here in Springfield. Joshua strives to become a well rounded tattoo artist in all styles of tattooing. When not in the shop Joshua is out enjoying life with his family. 

David Doty


 David graduated from Al Collins graphic design school with an associates degree in Visual Communications. He strives to be a well rounded artist but he really enjoys doing geometric ornamental designs. David is an easy going and friendly guy that looks forward to working with you. 

Dustan Graham


 Dustan Graham has been developing his visual and performance art crafts since his rural Oregon childhood with expressed proficiencies in glass, paint, wood, bass, percussion and ink. Dustan offers his clients a full spectrum of design options - from classic flash to improvised visions - with a consistently personalized and professional approach to his art. 

Dale Norris


When Dale is not home with his Wife, dog and flerkens, he enjoys working on artwork for his clients or doing collaborations with friends. Dale has been drawing all his life and it's a blessing for him to finally be able to have his dream job as a tattoo artist.

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208 Tattoo Fest, Boise Idaho July 12-14

Evergreen Championship, Las Vegas August 13-15

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Lifetime Tattoos

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